App Spotlight - Snapseed

Putting #grunge in your photo


This shot was taken with my iphone this morning.  Did it really look like this?  Come on man, no it really didn't.  What iphone photo looks like this as taken with no edits?  Maybe I your lens is old and scratched up.

The app used to modify the photo has been around awhile, but have you been using it to get the effects it is capable of generating?  This app, snapseed, might cost a dollar or two but is worth it.  An hdr filter was added on the latest release, and the grunge filter has always been there. 

I would suggest using the hdr filter before doing any grunge edit.  Below is the hdr filter edit only from the snapseed app.  You can see the difference in that photo compared to the grunge edit above. 




if you like the colours of the hdr filter edit then the grunge edit wouldn't be necessary, but sometimes it just has the grunge feel and it is just right.


Happy Photo Shooting (and editing) to you,