App Spotlight - Decim8

I have been expirimenting with the #decim8 app for about a year.  From early on I have set some 'ideal' combinations in the app settings.  The developer has updated the app on a somewhat regular basis.  There are a few less than ideal issues, but let's start with what I love about using this great app.

Decim8 lets you take an ordinary photo and introduce streaks/warps/edits to create something a lot less ordinary. 

Here is an ordinary photo I took with the iphone this morning, with a slight edit (snapseed) for hdr. 



It has a little charm, but I wanted something more.  In the editing process I wanted to see some of the lines bleeding together.  First I used the #decim8 app set on one of my favorite settings, which I call 'Paint me a portrait.'



This is the edit straight out of the #decim8 app.  As I love to mix things up, I added the edited #decim8 photo over top of the original snapseed edit to get the following overall edit which was uploaded to Instagram.



I love the way things come together when using these apps. (In blending the two photos I would suggest the #blender app or #laminar_pro).  These apps both have their pros and cons, but that is a different blog entry.

Before I forget, the two things I do not like about #drcim8.  First thing is the geotagging issue.  I cannot tell how to turn it in so the app doesn't scrub it from the photo.  Second thing is that there is a maximum size of file that can be edited.  On photos taken with the iphone there is no problem, but if you upload a photo to your phone to edit, there is a maximum size of file.  Uploading photos to your phone is another blog topic as well. 

Lunch is over, and work calls for me again.  until later.