Featured Pieces

Most of the photos I take are focusing on doors/windows/archways in which we pass.  Most often an added focal point is a stray reflection, whether in the subject matter or adjacent to what I am trying to capture.  The examples below are part of a photography showing held at Cherry Espresso Bar in Uptown New Orleans during the month of June 2017.  Closer to the event I will open the photos for sale on this website as well.



The celebrations in life are fleeting and often times quickly forgotten.  I would like to remind myself to celebrate every day this life, even when the world around me is out of focus.  Framed photo is 8x12.



Some ways are barred by constructs older than anything we can imagine, outside of the history books.  We can still look past to see, and be inspired by, the sunset.  Framed photo is 8x10 in landscape.  unframed photos are 4x4 square.


Nola Bride

This life has textures which I seldom even notice.  Looking at photos from where I have been reminds me of the beauty of everything.  This is a simple reflection of a wedding dress in the window of a store on Magazine street in New Orleans, but encompasses much more.