App Spotlight - Snapseed

Putting #grunge in your photo


This shot was taken with my iphone this morning.  Did it really look like this?  Come on man, no it really didn't.  What iphone photo looks like this as taken with no edits?  Maybe I your lens is old and scratched up.

The app used to modify the photo has been around awhile, but have you been using it to get the effects it is capable of generating?  This app, snapseed, might cost a dollar or two but is worth it.  An hdr filter was added on the latest release, and the grunge filter has always been there. 

I would suggest using the hdr filter before doing any grunge edit.  Below is the hdr filter edit only from the snapseed app.  You can see the difference in that photo compared to the grunge edit above. 




if you like the colours of the hdr filter edit then the grunge edit wouldn't be necessary, but sometimes it just has the grunge feel and it is just right.


Happy Photo Shooting (and editing) to you, 



App Spotlight - Decim8

I have been expirimenting with the #decim8 app for about a year.  From early on I have set some 'ideal' combinations in the app settings.  The developer has updated the app on a somewhat regular basis.  There are a few less than ideal issues, but let's start with what I love about using this great app.

Decim8 lets you take an ordinary photo and introduce streaks/warps/edits to create something a lot less ordinary. 

Here is an ordinary photo I took with the iphone this morning, with a slight edit (snapseed) for hdr. 



It has a little charm, but I wanted something more.  In the editing process I wanted to see some of the lines bleeding together.  First I used the #decim8 app set on one of my favorite settings, which I call 'Paint me a portrait.'



This is the edit straight out of the #decim8 app.  As I love to mix things up, I added the edited #decim8 photo over top of the original snapseed edit to get the following overall edit which was uploaded to Instagram.



I love the way things come together when using these apps. (In blending the two photos I would suggest the #blender app or #laminar_pro).  These apps both have their pros and cons, but that is a different blog entry.

Before I forget, the two things I do not like about #drcim8.  First thing is the geotagging issue.  I cannot tell how to turn it in so the app doesn't scrub it from the photo.  Second thing is that there is a maximum size of file that can be edited.  On photos taken with the iphone there is no problem, but if you upload a photo to your phone to edit, there is a maximum size of file.  Uploading photos to your phone is another blog topic as well. 

Lunch is over, and work calls for me again.  until later.



Focusing on one topic - color

One 'trick' in editing a photo is to focus on the dominate color in a shot.  Today I took two photos at lunch.  The first photo was centric on the color blue.  The second was not a shot centered on the color, but when editing out the other colors the shot took on a new feeling.

The primary colors are the best to use, or some shade of those colors.  Blue is a common color to focus on since the sky (and reflections of the sky) are normally a shade of blue. 

The photo on this blog entry is of a New Orleans porch with a Lavender-Blue theme.  When editing the photo all other colors were removed. 


Discovered in Nola while walking to lunch.

Walking the streets on New Orleans - St Charles

Walking down St Charles avenue you see many splendid houses, almost mansions.  I am reminded of Ward Parkway in Kansas City, Missouri.  With the lawns, trees, and architectural features it makes the walk all the more aesthetically pleasing.


This house always draws me in with the red roof and the arches on the front of the porch.  The trees and manicured lawn frame the house in a picture of the form we expect beauty to hold.

The photo was taken by me using my iPhone 5s.  Editing was performed using the #snapseed and #laminar pro apps. 

One of the benefits of living in Uptown Nola is the closeness of everything.  This weekend I have been able to visit my favorite place, Surreys, on both days.  It's about 5 blocks from the house and it just fits me. 

walking to breakfast

walking to breakfast

as a bonus there is a great local bar next door.  Do get to Surreys before 3 pm as they are a breakfast/lunch place only.

Iphone (and Andriod) Apps

There are many apps which can be used to edit your smart phone photos.  Also if you feel more comfortable, you can also edit any of your photos on your phone, or tablet.

A good starter app to use is #snapseed.  This app applies an HDR filter that will enhance your photos.  Beware not to over edit your photos.  The 'grunge' edit on snapseed can be useful in applying a vintage look to your photos.

An app I use from time to time is #decim8.  This can be a strong editing tool once you feel comfortable in using it to edit photos.  Most times I will use it to get a version of a photo which I can then overlay onto the original photo.  Interesting edits can be achieved using this technique.

A second app will be required for overlays.  At first I was using the #blender app, but lately I have started back using the #laminar app.  Laminar is close to #photoshop, and still easy to use.  Good luck and happy editing.